Weather Is Another Adjustment: Customs Chat - Episode 29

This month's customs episode is about WEATHER, and we have several guests share their stories! Along with the myriad of cultural changes when moving globally, weather is one more adjustment. How did moving to a new climate (or hemisphere!) affect us? We can settle into the cycles of a rainy season or dry season, and still be caught off guard by the almost suffocating humidity. 
Life is like the weather: sometimes we have dry seasons where not much seems to be happening. Other times we have a rainy season with occasional clouds and powerful storms with sometimes inconvenient consequences. But after the rains, the sun's rays come through, green is everywhere, and we realize we would never want to live without those rainy seasons.

Thank you to Alejandra, Edd, Joanna, Jorge, Manuel, and Sam for sharing your weather stories with us! (And be sure to check out more of Edd's stunning photos of the sky around the world here!)

Listen to episode 29 here or on your favorite podcast app. 

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