Customs Chat: Let's Talk about Shoes! - Episode 8

Tracy’s photo of all the shoes outside a gathering in China. That’s a lot of friendship!

Once a month Melissa and Tracy pull a random topic out of a virtual hat and discuss what global stories come to mind, and today's topic is about SHOES. Do we take them off or keep them on when entering the home? If we see twenty shoes strewn outside a doorway, does that make us want to join the party or run the other way?


In this episode we hear SHOE stories from around the world. Shoes protect our feet outside, and the special places we leave them can keep our home tidy inside. We can’t help thinking about Forest Gump’s mama who said that you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes. Shoes can help show that we dress well and care about our presentation, they can make us feel like kungfu masters, they can be the objects of suspicion, and they can be objects of art. No matter what we see growing on our shoes or feel hiding inside our shoes, eventually they take our feet to welcoming homes of people we would not have met had we kept our shoes on right where we were in our home countries. Our shoes are the first to step into a new country, culture, home, and most of all, friendship.

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