Customs Chat: Let's Talk about Customs! - Episode 5


Once a month Melissa and Tracy pull a random topic out of a virtual hat and discuss what global stories come to mind, and today's topic is about CUSTOMS. Customs and immigration stations can hold long lines and are the gatekeepers to let us into our destinations. Can we go in the fast lane, or do we still have to stand in the lines even though our toddler is having a meltdown after a 12 hour flight? Maybe you have had an unexpected reception to your host or home country? We can't wait to share CUSTOMS stories from our global listeners!

In this episode, we hear custom stories from around the world, and there is familiarity in them all. We send people and items that are precious to us and hope to get through to the other side. We all want to be understood and recognized as we cross. We can learn new words and laws, feel welcomed or unwelcomed, maintain control or feel out of control, become poorer with things taken away or richer with kindness given to us. And in most cases, we still make it across into our loved ones’ homes and hearts on the other side! So grab your chocolate before it gets taken away, and join us for today's episode!

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