From Peru to California: Melissa's Return Stories - Episode 4

This is part two of our interview with co-host Melissa Ens, mother of three, bilingual teacher, and passionate learner, leader, and lover of people. She and her young family became church capacity builders in Peru, and in our last episode she shared stories about what she loved and what was hard while living there. In this episode, Melissa describes seeing signposts of everyone and everything not thriving as it should, so she and her husband made the excruciating decision to return to the U.S. before their assignment was supposed to be up. This made their transition back a painful one. What helped was a conference to process their return with others, Melissa recognizing her own grief cycle, going to therapy, and building new friendships. Melissa compassionately shares her stories so that others know that “jumping into a new culture or jumping back into an old culture is going to take your breath away.”

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